We get deep, with you, your brand and your product range. We strategise together and we assess your place in the market. We deliver a tailored solution that is right for you and your brand. Your sales channels, your phasing, your pricing and your positioning all taken care of. We are you, just over here.


We already have boots on the ground from staff training to mystery shopping - keeping our finger on the pulse. Our extensive distribution network not only gets your products where they need to be but also connects directly with the customer.

We accelerate into the correct places with knowledge and agility. We cover all the bases to ensure we build momentum and make sure you take off and don’t crash into the bargain bucket.

We don’t go slow, but we do occasionally need to stop and regroup in order to make sure we are all on the right track.


Anyone can distribute and market a product, we amplify what we do with unique technology providing data driven actions.

We have multiple sets of data on pricing, trends and competitors that boost our on the ground knowledge and give you the edge over everyone else.